Specialties - Shaming Crooks, Eliciting Contrition, Dispensing Payback, Righting Wrongs

  • We Rattle Cages

    Bringing very public pressure to bear on bad actors. Our methods get results.

  • We Get Under Skin

    To continue doing what they do bad actors depend on flying under the radar. We make sure they can't.

  • We Get In Their Face

    We get under their skin. We are what keeps malefactors awake at night.

  • We bring firepower

    Nothing gets attention like a man with a gun. We know how do it legally.

  • Mass Means

    They'll never know what hit them...

Learn More Wronged by the high and mighty? Cut them down to size with legally safe and ethically sound degradation of unworthy moguls and scrofulous celebrities. We offer honorable alternatives to bitter acquiescence and effective complements to business litigation.